"Here is the ... bear" and the next instant I was already running down the slope, as before, but upwards, jumping over the rocks, with a pulse under 180. Seconds after 20 thought that it was necessary to take pictures of it, but do not return the same. I saw a bear from ten meters away. Such a normal brown handsome adult bear. Like in a circus or a zoo, only here in the forest in front of you. It was slightly lower on the slope in the direction of my movement. Apparently scared of the noise from me and somehow fell on the rocks. I swore in my own way, because of this I discovered it. ... looked around, like does not run, then you can slow down and still run down the road, which, by the way, is only 500 m below. It can be seen, and the noise of cars and rivers is heard. And it's all in 10 minutes of running from the city. I fell on the road, wet and dirty. The legs are wadded, they no longer run. Has potrezil home. A couple of runners have overtaken me, including a girl. She looked at me so sternly, although I greeted her. And the guy on the contrary smiled. Here in general, all with you greet and smile, ... except this girl.

It's me in America, the city of Boulder, Colorado.

It all started on Sunday, at about 6 am. Dnepr, the Archipelago, the setting of the distance, the start of the second day. He hung out in the arena for a couple of hours, and went home. In the 17th train, we still have to get ready. The main thing is not to forget anything, passport, tickets, invitations, money. Look like that's it. Go.

On the train, probably slept more halfway, woke up already as he moved to Kiev. Further to the airport. There is a lot of time, you can sit and watch how the phones are charged, your own and others' ones are fascinating. The plane is about seven in the morning. Closer to the flight I met Vova Korneev, with whom we actually flew together to Amerka. IN AMERICA!!!

Registration, the first plane to Frankfurt, there is a transfer and in three hours the plane to Denver. In Frankfurt, the metro runs at the airport, which trains between terminals. At us in the Dnieper the metro line will probably be shorter than there at the airport. Well, then this. The flight time from Frankfurt to Denver is more than 10 hours. I thought this for so long on the plane. What can you do there? Watch a movie, eat and sleep. He did not even rise from his chair once. So quickly everything passed. Approximately one hour prior to arrival, they issued a customs declaration. Uh, complicated! Filled, applying all the knowledge of English and with translators on the phone. 20 minutes probably spent. Nearby sat either an American, or a German, he took 15 seconds, and he went on to continue sleeping. Well, we already have a lot of monsters. Downstairs, outside the window, America. The main border guard pass, which, they say, may not be allowed.

Arrived. Passport check, border guards. And of course I always remembered the movie "Brother 2":

"... The purpose of your visit to the US? - A conference on new computer technologies ... "But at that moment your vocabulary ends at the level:" Ai Vort Rashin prostitute - Merlin. " Passport control passed and we are in America.

Next, find a bus that will take us to the neighboring city of Boulder, which is an hour's drive away. They decided themselves to be smart. But quickly realized that the airport is not much less than in Frankfurt, so it's better to ask. There in general, if you do not know better to ask, and you will readily tell everyone. We found a bus station, then tickets. By the same scheme, found an airport employee, he was there not far away. They asked how to buy tickets. He told us everything and showed us, but we could not pay off. My card refused to accept my card, and for cash it is possible to buy only without delivery. But we just arrived, without surrender we have not yet. This employee took two tickets from his pocket to Boulder and gave them to us and took them to a stop. Along the way, telling something. I still could not understand if these are valid tickets, then how can we return the money to him, and if not, why did he give them to us. Bringing us to the right stop, he told us, wait for our bus forty minutes, and he left. So we stayed at the bus stop waiting for the bus with tickets for which they did not pay and it is not clear whether they are valid or not. Then came the people. The bus arrived. There was an automatic machine in it, which either bought tickets piqued, or accepted cash, again without surrender. Our tickets did not piknilis, but the driver, smiled and said to pass and sit down. And so we went.

The city of Denver passed. I still do not understand where the city itself, although judging by the map, we went through it. All single-story houses that are meters away in the 300's from the highway, and are scattered over very long distances.

Then came the mountains, not very high, but rocky and beautiful. And before them the city of Boulder. He was already more like a city, although also one-story. In Denver, apparently, we were not transported there ...

Our stop. Went to look for a hotel. Before her 30 minutes to go. Then I learned that it was possible to go out and closer, or even go on another bus, which would bring to the hotel. But this later. In the meantime, take a walk. About seven in the evening, summer, almost the center of the city, there is no one on the street, only cyclists on the sidewalk run occasionally. Settled. Dinner and sleep. As it turned out, they do not have euro outlets, and there are no adapters anywhere, neither at the reception, nor in the shops.

Only usb exits found, phones charged, but the laptop in the flight. Well, then, in the morning, you have to go look for Head Rush and actually work - learn.

 In the morning, about 9 were in place, we are appointed. The building is like a building, gray, nothing special.

Went around, went, we met a girl. We say "We are from Ukraine, we need Nick or Alex." In a moment, Nick appeared. Friendly people are like that, they smile like old friends.

Nick led us through the enterprise. It turned out to be a very small building, where everything was: offices, reception rooms, production, assembly department, service department, sewing department (slings sew), warehouse and so on. Nick showed us everything and told us where they have what.

And then, after this tour, introduced us to Alex, who took the baton and has already started our training closely.

 We started with the analysis of Tru Blue. Alex, commenting on each of his actions, dismantled this device. Telling and showing us all possible options for breakdowns. Which parts must be changed and for what reason. What can get out of action in the first place, what should be paid special attention during the inspection and so on. We tried to understand him and catch every movement. Fortunately, he spoke very intelligibly, literally chewing us every action. Then we began to work for ourselves, constantly showing and asking again, whether we are doing everything right.

So the whole day we went, figuring out devices and doing service under the guidance and with the direct participation of Alex. After assembly or service inspection all devices are tested for different speeds and weights.

For dinner, Nick and Alex took us to a local restaurant on a huge white Dodge. Here in general, everyone likes big cars - pick up, off-road cars.

On the roads for them quite a lot of space. There are no problems with parking. European and Japanese cars look like mini-cars here, just like we look Smart.

 Although it is a very small town and people do not live very much for such a territory. In megacities, the situation with traffic on the roads is probably fundamentally different. Here, the students left for the summer. By the way, in Boulder is the University of Colorado. This city is famous for this university.

And also sports teams in various sports, which are called Buffalo or derivatives from it. They exist with the support of the university.

In the evening, after work strolled around the city, had supper. People like the day before in the streets there, only bicyclists and cars and then a little. And then I went running. Running there all mostly in the evenings, when the heat decreases. And there are a lot of runners. And as there runs - this I already described above.

The next day we dismantled and studied other devices - Zip Stop and Quick Jump. They have already got acquainted with local workers, they also told us something, prompted, asked where we are from.

For dinner, Nick and Alex took us back to some new place. They told us to eat together all day. And we did not argue. We did not like the local cuisine very much. Burgers managed to get bored, and the composition of other dishes could be guessed badly. And so, on the advice of our new friends, it was possible to order something edible.

For dinner, Nick and Alex took us back to some new place. They told us to eat together all day. And we did not argue. We did not like the local cuisine very much. Burgers managed to get bored, and the composition of other dishes could be guessed badly. And so, on the advice of our new friends, it was possible to order something edible.

Finally found the center of this city and the central park. That's where all the people are! To say that there are a lot of them there, but as by local standards, it was a movement. On the square, just some band performed. So the concert, all business!

 The third day is practice again. The devices that come into service are basically Tru Blue. They are used on climbing walls and in rope parks. Like the last two days, they spent the whole day spinning them, finding some new breakdowns and honing their skills. It was our last day there. By the end of the day, we received certificates and small souvenirs.

Certificates that we now have the right to service Head Rush devices. There is still a lot of work to be done to open a service center in Ukraine, but the beginning has been made.

 Nick instructed us about what else to do for future work. Then a photo for memory, goodbyes. Well, that's it, they sent us home.

Evening walk through the city to finally absorb American air.

Утром ранний подъем в аэропорт. Вот еще иди, пойми, где ты со своими билетами, которые нужно распечатать в терминалах. Лучше спросить, так проще. Обратный перелет через Чикаго и Мюнхен. Чикаго - звучит, конечно, здорово, а аэропорт там солидный. Правда, больше ничего не было видно. Перелет через океан, Мюнхен - Киев. Дом.

Разница во времени уже покрыла Украину. Там организм из-за перелетов и непродолжительного пребывания не успел понять, почему нужно спать в другое время. Но здесь уже разыгралось.

Вот и прошла наша командировка!

Всем хороших путешествий!