40 Years of Unparalleled Excellence

The Lightline Jacket, pictured in 1983, as part of the Japanese Nanga Parbat Expedition led by Osamu Kunii. This year, the Lightline Jacket turned 40. That's 40 years of unparalleled design and innovation.

Before the Lightline, down jackets were the domain of cutting-edge high altitude mountaineers; a specialist and niche product. But from 1977, the year the Lightline Jacket was born, things changed.

Our Iconic And Continuing Bestseller

Built to meet the demands of modern mountaineers, the Lightline Jacket continues to set the benchmark for lightweight, technical duvets. Benefiting from improved fit and an outstanding new hood it offers exceptional warmth and protection in sub-zero conditions.

1977 - The original Lightline Jacket hits the market, becoming the staple technical duvet for climbers, mountaineers and hikers the world over.

1990 - A major redesign in 1990 heralded the first rebirth of the Lightline Jacket.

1999 - Nine years later, in 1999, the Lightline gained a baffle over the front zip, and redistribution of baffles to ensure improved thermal performance.

2013 - Finally, in 2013, another ground-up redevelopment modernised the Lightline aesthetic, whilst ensuring warmth and protection were optimised.

Becoming the staple technical duvet of climbers, mountaineers and hikers the world over, the Lightline Jacket predates the Walkman, MS-DOS, and the CD. But unlike them, it is as relevant now as it has ever been.