The Climb company

More than 15 years of successful work. Thousands of equipped tourists, athletes and travelers. Hundreds of partner shops throughout Ukraine. Dozens of successful trips in different parts of the world. Dozens of organized multi-sport races, tourist competitions with thousands of participants. All this is our company The Climb, one of the leaders in the outdoor market of Ukraine. We were one of the first, and we are still part of the group of leaders.

Do you like to fight and win, discover new horizons, go forward, meet new summits? Then we just have the common way!


2018 year

Nowadays the Climb Company is one of the leaders at the market of goods for sports and tourism. The company has exclusive contracts for distribution with 30 foreign manufacturers, 2 retail stores in the Dnipro and a powerful online store operating throughout Ukraine, builds extreme rides, organizes adventure races and extreme trips. But there are still many areas that have not been mastered of course, but The Climb Company never stops to explore something new!

2016 year

A new direction for the company begins again! The Climb Company begins to build the adventure parks, trolleys, climbing walls. To ensure the safety of our customers, a contract with the American manufacturer of automatic insurance Head Rush Technologies were signed this year.

2008 year

The company begins to organize travels. Hundreds of lovers of extreme rest could get a lot of unforgettable impressions from visiting exotic corners of our planet from Cuba to the Himalayas and from Kilimanjaro to Scapa Flow.

2005 year

The number of fans of outdoor activities is growing, and their requirements for equipment are also growing. To satisfy all buyers' demands, a new large "Adventure Collection" store opens in the Dnieper. To the assortment of equipment for "terrestrial" types of extreme sports were added "underwater" species - diving and spearfishing.

2003 year

At this time the organization of adventure races has been started. The thousands of sportsmen from all over Ukraine have run, warmed up, cycled and sailed a lot of thousands of kilometers during races which were regularly organized by the company, and the names of the races - Milo-Raid X-Crimea, Wild River Race, Dnepr Adventure Race are well known to everyone Ukrainian adventure racer.

2002 year

Starts its work the one of the first online shops selling equipment for travelers, which since grown into one of the most popular Ukrainian online stores of goods for outdoor activities.

2000 year

The Climb store (Voskhozhdenie), the first at the Dnipro city and one of the first outdoor shops in Ukraine, was opened. The assortment of the store consists of goods for tourism, mountaineering, rock climbing, camping and work at height. This small cozy shop, located in the center of the city, is familiar to several generations of Ukrainian tourists.

At the same year the wholesale department was opened too. The first direct contracts with European producers were concluded, and the products of such brands as Climbing Technology (Italy), Rock Empire (Czech Republic), Milo (Poland) and Nikwax (United Kingdom) enter to the Ukrainian market.