Czech manufacturer of equipment Rock Empire has prepared a lot of interesting novelties in the new season 2018 and as always it is ready to surprise all fans with innovative ideas and long-awaited solutions. We will glad to tell you about the first novelties that will appear on the shelves of Ukrainian shops this year.

Work harness Rock Empire Equip

A fully-adjustable, anatomical harness, which is equally suitable for use both in sports and in an industrial environment. Thanks to the thoughtful design and light weight, it was possible to achieve a unique balance between compactness and functionality, what makes Equip indispensable during rescue operations, long ascents or using at the adventure parks.

Features of the Rock Empire Equip harness:

  • The sit harness is certified for sport climbing and can be used separately without the top part
  • The harness is suitable for use during long climbing ascents
  • All load points are textile, which significantly reduced the weight of the kit
  • Simple adjustment allows you to fit the system to the size, light-weight aluminium buckles on the leg loops and steel buckles on the waist
  • The design of the harness contains light reflecting elements for safe work in the dark
  • 6 loops on the belt and additional slots for hanging tools and equipment
  • The rear load anchorage point on the breast can be hidden in an additional pocket, and used only when it necessary
  • Elastic belts that connect the leg loops to the belt automatically adjust and provide optimal positioning of the legs with respect to the waist at any time (especially when walking and sitting).

Available sizes: XS-M, M-XXL

Weight: 1031 g (XS-M)

Certification: EN 361, EN358, EN 813, EN 12277

 Rock Empire Beetle Bag

A simple and reliable backpack for climbers and mountaineers, which is an ideal compromise between a reliable bag and a transport bag.

Features of Rock Beetle Bag:

  • The back part is completely removable for easy access inwards
  • Sufficient volume allows holding about 100 meters of rope and large number of equipment
  • The backpack is equipped with two internal and one external loop for hanging out equipment
  • The outer pocket in the backpack cover is made of foam and can be used separately as a seat
  • Shoulder straps are wide enough and soft, which does not create discomfort during wearing
  • The backpack is equipped with two small loops for fixing the ends of the rope
  • Thanks to a stable construction and a large opening, the rope can be used directly from the backpack
  • The contents of the backpack can be quickly fixed with a screed by pulling on the inner strap and fastening it with an aluminum buckle