The retail direction is represented by two offline stores in Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk) - "Voshozhdenie" and "Adventure Collection".

"Voshozhdenie" address:

Sich Streltsov (Artema) str, 8A. Dnipro, Ukraine

Sales area - 70 m2. Opened in 2000.

The first one in the Dnieper and one of the very first outdoor shops in Ukraine. Classic outdoor-shop "for friends" in a small, detached building in the very center of the city. The assortment is appropriate:

  • Hiking and climbing equipment.
  • Backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, rugs and other bivouac equipment.
  • All kinds of travel accessories.

“Adventure Collection” address:

Shevchenko str, 1. Dnipro, Ukraine

The sales area is 220 m2. Opened in 2005

By 2005, the growing  assortment had ceased to fit in the "Voshozhdenie " and it was time to open a new and large store. In the new store it was possible to assemble an excellent collection of goods for adventure:

  • Tourist and climbing equipment.
  • Clothes and shoes for outdoor  activities, tourism and mountaineering.
  • One of the largest in Ukraine departments of diving equipment.
  • Bicycle equipment.
  • Ski equipment.
  • Boat facilities for water sports.
  • A lot of accessories for sports and outdoor activities.



“Adventure Collection” address: