The name of our retail store "Adventure Collection" turned out to be prophetic. In 2008, a new project was launched - the organization of travel to exotic places of the planet. Sport priorities of the company "Voshozhdenie" Andrew Osaulenko (owner and founder) played a role in the choice of directions, so in our collection there are two kinds of adventure - mountain and diving. The task was to organize trips, which are not offered by ordinary travel agencies. And this task was successfully accomplished.

Dive Safari

  • The depths of the Black, Mediterranean, Red, North Sea and Indian Ocean are committed.
  • Dozens of racks and a centurion of underwater inhabitants left vivid and unforgettable memories.
  • A good addition to the beauty of the underwater world was the serious experience gained during difficult dives.

Climbing and trekking

  • A fascinating acquaintance with European, Asian, African, Latin American, and of course Ukrainian landscapes.
  • Struggle against severe winter Alps flowed smoothly into relaxed travels around Cuba, and ascents in the Himalayas were followed by trekking in Nepal.
  • A lot of positive emotions from reliable companions and excellent equipment.
  • The main adventure is the ascent to the Himalayan six-thousandth.

Over the 10 years of the project's existence, not a single tourist or tourist objects has been damaged.