The wholesale direction has appeared in 2000, simultaneously with the opening of our first store. The wholesale market of tourist equipment at that time in Ukraine was absent as a phenomenon, therefore it was necessary to become a distributor company.

And we did it! At the moment, we represent more than 20 world brands on the Ukrainian market.

At the present time our wholesale department offers such categories of goods:

  • The whole range of clothing for tourism, mountaineering and winter sports, from socks to puffs
  • The whole range of tourist shoes, from sandals to mountaineering shoes
  • The whole range of special equipment for sports and industrial mountaineering, mountaineering and rock climbing
  • All range of equipment for diving and underwater hunting
  • A full line of sleeping bags, from light summer blankets to sleeping bags with a comfort temperature of -45 °C.
  • A complete line of gas equipment, from gas cylinders to multi-fuel burners
  • Wide choice of means for impregnating, washing and cleaning clothes and equipment
  • Several hundred other products for tourists – backpacks, hermetic cases, chargers, towels, dishes and much more

Also to this list is attached an operative delivery from 1 unit of goods, a flexible system of discounts, consultations on making orders and friendliness of our managers.

We are always open for new acquaintances!